Podcast Microphone – Do I really need one?

blue yeti podcast microphone

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Podcasters love them!

Getting started in podcasting can be extremely daunting but I believe that it’s something that everybody can get into if they have something that they want to talk about.

If you have a thing that you are passionate about then you can bet your house that there’s somebody somewhere just as passionate as you. And they’ll listen to your podcast!

So this post is all about busting the myths surrounding the Podcast Microphone…

Myth 1: Podcast mics are special

A microphone is a simple instrument with few moving parts. They can be credit card-meltingly expensive at the high end but also very cheap to manufacture at the bottom of the market. And with microphones you almost always get what you pay for in terms of quality but you must remember one thing: your mic is just one of several things that contribute to recording quality.

It’s absolutely fine to record your podcast in your kitchen with a mic plugged into a laptop and a copy of the excellent (and free) Audacity but you’ll need a budget mic to go with that setup. An expensive one will probably sound worse!

Any USB mic around £40-100 is going to be plenty good enough for your kitchen recording studio.

Need some help? Here’s a great suggestion for you.

Myth 2: Recording audio is an art

To be honest, this one is kind of true… but only partially. You see, the beautiful thing about podcasting is that the quality of the audio just needs to be ‘good enough’. The kind of audio quality that you need for your podcast is not the same as the guys and gals at Abbey Road Studios should be thinking about!

So lighten up. You can do it. Plug your mic into your laptop (or pull out your smartphone) and push record. The audio you capture will be good enough for a professional to work with and create a fantastic sounding podcast episode.

Myth 3: You can’t record on your smartphone

You can record a podcast on your smartphone. Plenty of people have done it and created massively successful podcasts as a result.

Smartphones can record great audio but can sometimes benefit from a bit of help from your surroundings. For example, if your recording sounds a bit echoey or tinny you could try resting your phone on a cushion or better still a foam block (yoga blocks work really well). Keeping the phone within 50 cm of you can also make a big difference and of course you need to be in a quiet room. Turn off the washing machine!

And there you have it – mics are important… but your smartphone can record a podcast given the right help… so what’s stopping you?

Happy podcasting.


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