How To Start Podcasting

a female podcaster learning how to start podcasting

Podcasting is fascinating and fun!

If you’ve been wondering how to start podcasting then you’re in the right place…

The popularity of podcasting comes in waves, with a pretty consistent ebb and flow in search volume over the past 12 months. And this consistency over time means one thing: podcasting is going to be really important to people for a long time. Which is great for me because I love them and it’s great for you because they’re fun as hell to make!

So with this in mind, here is my short guide for you about ‘how to start podcasting’. I’ll assume that you already have an idea for a podcast and dive right into the top considerations.

1. How many episodes do you need to make?

This is a belter of a question because gets you really thinking about the purpose of the podcast. For example, here’s two reasons why you might be podcasting:

a) You have a passion in life that you want to talk about over the long-term and there are so many different things you want to discuss!

b) You want to tell people about your brand or business and give them the lowdown on what you think and feel.

It’s pretty obvious which one will need to be a series of episodes and which could be just a couple, or even a one-off!

Think about the purpose behind your podcast and make a choice.

2. How to get the correct tone of voice

This one depends on who you are and/or what your business is. If this is a personal podcast where you’re chatting about your hobbies/interests you can just be yourself. There will always be others just like you in the world with all the same interests and loving the same things as you. Be candid, be honest, be humourous or dead-pan, whatever suits. The most important thing is that it’s you doing the talking and not a pretender.

If this is a business podcast then the advice thus far might apply to you but like-wise if you have a clearly defined brand voice then you’d better stick to it. There’s nothing worse than inconsistency in this department and you’ll just end up confusing – or offending – your listeners. Tread carefully here, plan your words and you’ll be rewarded!

There’s loads of advice out there in the web-o-sphere that can help you with this and I personally like this article as a starting point.

Audacity is a free software that works great for podcasting

3. What do I need to record a podcast?

Not a lot really… at least not in this age of smartphones and fancy USB microphones!

I give some pretty solid advice on recording with a smartphone in an older blog post and I’ve written about USB podcasting mics as well so I’m not going to repeat myself here. But I will say that a simple set-up is always good. For example, you could easily get started with this:

  • smartphone

  • audio recording app (most are free)

  • laptop

  • Audacity software (which is also free)

  • It’s the room that you record in that matters the most when making your podcast… never forget this!

Or you could try this pretty epic set-up:

  • USB Mic (Blue Yeti’s are popular though there’s plenty of cheaper mics that are just as good)

  • laptop

  • Audacity software

If you want some tunes (or phat beatz ) for your episode then you’ll find several websites that offer that service. Bespoke music written just for you is usually better but it’s not free – though it can be surprisingly cheap when purchased as part of a package (wink wink)!

4. How do I get people to listen to my podcast?

Stick it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. That’ll get you started. There’s several other platforms as well and you can read all about the popularity of the different platforms if you want to know more.

Right, that’s your lot. Time to get podcasting. No excuses. You can do it.

And get in touch if you would like some help. We’d love to get you started!


PS. The room you record your audio in is the most important thing. Find somewhere quiet and without lots of ‘echo’.